RunX is [will be] a run logger addon for Garry's Mod trainbuild servers.

Where can I download it?

Right now, you can't. It's still being written, and writing it should take a long time. All previous work was lost, and I'm starting from scratch.

The brunt of the work will be collecting information about car types, cargo types, and positioning of loads on the cars, and I'm tackling that stuff first.

Can I help with the development process?

Not sure. If you're a model maker, you could help me out by double-checking my car designations and stuff. If you're a "normal player," I don't think so.

I work faster when I can just do everything by myself.

Wasn't this supposed to be out a while back?

Can't sue me for not setting a release date! Also, burnout. But it's serious this time.

Why are you working on this again?

Times change, priorities shift, and promises must be kept.

Will it be public, i.e. available on any server?


Where can I track your progress?

The Trello board.